FIRST SUNDAY::  Offering to Buddha

This activity is usually held on the first Sunday of each month in Dhammakaya Centre (Singapore). It is mainly participated by graduates from the various Basic Meditation Courses.

This 90-minute activity involves chanting and guided group meditation. Participants should have basic knowledge in meditation in order to fully understand the process of offering to Buddha in an appropriate and beneficial manner.

SECOND SUNDAY::  Alms Offering

The traditional practice of Buddhist monks going round every morning to receive alms means reaching to the laity for food. In this way, the monks need not worry about food or sustenance and thus channelling their time and energy in practising as well as propagating the Dhamma.

In return, the monks will provide spiritual guidance to the laity in the form of Dhamma teachings that would bestow blessings for the secular dwellers.
This noble act of giving will result in immeasurable benefit to the laity. It opens up one’s heart and diminishes one’s self-centeredness and place value on the well-being of others.

The practice of Alms Offering forges a closer, respectful and symbolic relationship between the monastic and laity community. It is indeed a holy and compassionate practice to extend Buddhism for the benefit of all sentient beings.
This meritorious activity is open to all well-wishes to experience and understand the significance of this Buddhist practice inherited from the time of the Lord Buddha.

FOURTH SUNDAY:: Transfer of Merits

According to Buddhism, good deeds or ‘acts of merit’ bring happiness to the doer both in this world and in the hereafter. Acts of merit can lead the doer towards the final goal of achieving everlasting happiness. All acts can be performed through body, speech or mind.

Buddhism also teaches that the acquired merit can be transferred to others as it can be shared vicariously with any sentient beings. In other words, the merit is ‘expendable’ and can be forwarded to others. The person receiving the merit can be either living or departed ones.

All are welcome!
If you really want to honour and help your departed ones, then do some meritorious deeds in their names and dedicate the merits to them.